Termite mounds are primarily associated with species found in tropical and some subtropical regions. There are no mound building termites found in North America. While the Formosan termite can infest trees, these “nests” are not considered mounds.

Termite mounds of Australia are probably the most studied of the mound termites. These termites are constructed of mud which dries in place. There are well placed ventilation holes so that there is convection cooling of the mound in order to keep the mound at optimum temperatures. If there are heavy rains, the mound serves as protection for the termites and will not wash away.

Termite mounds are a favorite feeding place for animals such as monkeys and even anteaters. Monkeys place sticks into the mounds and the termites crawl on the sticks. The monkeys then remove the sticks to feed on the termites.

Termite mounds are an engineering marvel in that the termites which construct them must show the ultimate teamwork.