Advance is the product line for the AdvanceĀ® Termite Bait System, manufactured by BASF, St. Louis, MO. Advance purports to be an advanced system of termite control using baiting technology. The bait station is unique compared to other brands of bait stations.

Because the baiting matrix is attractive to termites, the manufacturer claims that there is faster acceptance of the bait. The active ingredient in Advance is diflubenzuron, a proven termite control active ingredient. With the active ingredient preloaded into the station, there is no required step to find termites and then add the control agent or material which contains the active ingredient. Since the cartridges are larger, there is adequate food source for termites and there is no need to monitor as often. In fact, monitoring even if there is an active infestation is to up to ninety days.

The containerized bait matrix containing diflubenzuron holds over an ounce of product thus fewer visits and infestation control in as little as four months. The inert food ingredient is palatable to termites and gives the termites the food that they seek while gently introducing them to the control agent when added.

Advance has several components. First there is the durable plastic station which houses the food sources including the control agent, designed to be inserted into the ground. Second, there is the Puri-CellĀ® preferred food source. There is also a solid wood monitoring block underneath. When termites are found, the bait matrix is added to the top of the station. The termites feed on the matrix and they then feed other termites, transporting the control agent to other parts of the colony. Through feeding and grooming, the colony is ultimately affected by the control agent and population is reduced or eliminated.