Bor-Ram™ is a generic brand of disodium octaborate tetrahydrate or DOT. DOT is used in new construction and existing construction to control wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and wood destroying beetles. This product is used in new or existing construction as well to prevent infestations. It is accepted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for new construction treatment when required for a mortgage guarantee.

The Bor-Ram™ line of products is produced by Sostram Corporation but is distributed by Envincio. The brand offers a warranty of up to $2,500 for pest control professionals which extends for five years. Tests of products by the US Forest Service show that the product could last well over ten years to protect structures.

There are two formulations for Bor-Ram™ in the United States. Bor-Ram™ is the glycol based concentrate which is mixed with water to yield a thick liquid which can be painted or sprayed directly onto wood. While the solution will penetrate wood, it leaves no visible residue on the wood surface. It can also be painted over for decorative wood. Bor-Ram™ is registered in every state in the contiguous US. It is a generic version of the branded Nisus product, Bora-Care™.

Bor-Ram WP™ is the powdered version of the DOT product and can be sprayed onto wood. It does crystallize on the wood so it is best to use this product for areas that are unseen or unfinished. The crystallized material on the wood can also help with the control of pests. This product is registered for use in all contiguous states in the US except Florida and California, according to Envincio.

Both products require that the applicator takes a short course on the product and passes an exam prior to purchasing and using the product. The course and the exam are available online.