CB product line is a limited number of aerosols produced by FMC Professional Solutions, Philadelphia, PA. Originally, CB designated a Cline–Buckner product which produced aerosols for several decades. FMC Professional Solutions acquired the rights to CB products and now distributes the products.

CB–123™ Extra Insecticide is an aerosol with the main active ingredient as pyrethrins, a naturally derived non-residual insecticide. The product contains 1% pyrethrins, 3% piperonyl butoxide, and 3% dicarboximide. These additional active ingredients give the product the stability and some residual effect. CB–123 is used for sensitive areas such as homes and schools. It can also be used in transportation vehicles such as planes, trains, and automobiles. This product has no information about termite control and as termites are hardier than other insects, there is likely little effect. This product can be used for bed bugs.

CB–38™ Insecticide is a flushing and knock down product that utilizes synergists similar to CB–123; however, the ratio of synergist to active ingredient is 8:1. This product may also be used in sensitive accounts such as food handling facilities. The product contains 0.3% pyrethrins and 2.4% piperonyl butoxide, a synergist which improves the power of the pyrethrins. As an aerosol, this product can be used for voids, crack and crevice locations, and spaces. It controls a wide variety of flying and crawling insects. It does not have any mention of termites on the label. It is available in a 17oz. can and a 13 pound cylinder.

CB–40™ Insecticide is a newer product and is advertised as especially effective on bed bugs since the product is labeled for use on bed mattresses and box springs. This product contains 0.5% pyrethrins, 1% piperonyl butoxide, and 1% dicarboximide. This product is also labeled for many sites and targets a wide variety of flying and crawling insects.

CB–80™ insecticide is a knockdown insecticide with a broad label for crawling and flying insects. It contains 0.5% pyrethrins and 4.0% piperonyl butoxide.