Cyper is the line of products distributed by Control Solutions, a company with decades of service to the pest management industry. The Cyper line of four products are generic products with the active ingredient of cypermethrin. When a molecule such as cypermethrin is developed, it is usually patented. The patent has a finite time before it expires. Upon expiration, the product can be produced by other companies or formulated by others. This is the case of cypermethrin and generics usually are less expensive as the generic manufacturer is using proven formulation rather than having to develop new technology.

Cyper offers a termiticide with the active ingredient cypermethrin. In the concentrated liquid form Cyper TC contains 25.4% cypermethrin. The product is diluted with water to 0.25% to 1.0% depending on the pest and the label directions. Cyper TC is a popular replacement for branded cypermethrin termiticides.

Cyper EC is a smaller container and is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate. The emulsion dilutes easily into water. This product can be used for spot treatments when an entire tank of Cyper TC is not necessary.

Cyper WP is a wettable powder which is a formulation which allows the measuring of a powder into a application equipment. Water is mixed with the product and applied. The dried material is more durable and will not be absorbed by concrete and other porous surfaces.

Cyper WP is also available in packets which are premeasured for certain sized tanks so that measuring is not required. This has the same results as the other container of Cyper WP without the measuring.

Cyper products are part of the generic wave of pest management products and the active ingredient is virtually identical with the branded products.