FirstLine® Termite Control System is a combination of FirstLine baiting in combination with a liquid treatment system which includes Talstar® liquid treatment. This system has been part of the professional pest management toolbox for over ten years.

The first component is FirstLine® Termite Baiting which is a food attractant in a station as well as a termite control product which the termites take back to the colony and spread unknowingly which causes the reduction or elimination of the colony. In order to protect the structure further, then, the liquid is used around the perimeter of the structure to help control termites which didn’t contact the bait and to provide residual protection.

The combination of baiting and liquid provides the best technologies and the most popular technologies. This combination goes after termites where they are most commonly found, even if the structure isn’t infested.

The active ingredient in the baiting portion is sulfluramid, a proven baiting system ingredient. The active ingredient in the liquid treatment is bifenthrin, a long used product in the pest management industry and one which is now available in the form of generics.

The system works as equal parts of bait and liquid. The FirstLine® Bait Stations are placed strategically around the foundation. The stations contain a food matrix for termites as well as the pre–installed active ingredient. The station may also include a food source to make the station more attractive. The construction of the station is such that the top of the station directs termites towards the food and control agent matrices. It also retains moisture, which is required by termites.

The perimeter treatment using Talstar® product supplements the benefits of the baiting system. By combining these two products, there is a better chance of protecting the structure than if they were used separately.