MasterLine® is the Univar house brand for professional pest management products. Univar is one of the nation’s leading product and equipment distributors for the professional pest management industry.

Univar was started in 1924 by George Van Waters and Nat Rogers, with a focus mostly on the northwestern United States. They were brokers for paints, naval chemicals such as lubricants and solvents, waterproofing, and other similar products. They later began brokering products which were related to the chemical industry. From that beginning, Van Waters and Rogers began distributing chemical reagents, equipment, and supplies to the chemistry profession. A natural extension was the supply and equipment lines of the pest control industry.

A similar company existed on the east coast, McKesson Chemical, and when Van Waters and Rogers acquired that company in the mid 1980s, Van Waters and Rogers became a national distributor and perhaps the only national distributor for the pest management industry.

In the mid 1990s, Van Waters and Rogers was acquired by Vopak Distribution of the Netherlands, a two hundred year old company. VWR changed their name to Vopak and later to Univar.

With the strength of the brand, Univar, the MasterLine® product line was established, essentially the house brand for Univar. As a distributor, the buyer can select the brand names of products or the MasterLine® series, essentially generics in most cases produced by the same manufacturers.

MasterLine® produces several categories of products.
MasterLine® I MaxxPro and I MaxxPro 2F are generic versions of imidacloprid, with the equivalent branded products being Bayer’s Premise WSP and Premise 2. They produce MasterLine® Bifenthrin 7.9, with the equivalent being the FMC Talstar liquid. The Aqua-Kontrol like of permethrin products are for public health pest control.
MasterLine® rodent control glue boards are generic versions of branded glue boards. They also have generic spray equipment. Finally, the composite and stainless bird control spikes are available.