Premise® is the brand name for the Bayer Environmental Science line of imidacloprid based termite control products. Premise® will typically work on other insect pests as well, provided that the site application is listed on the label. Federal law permits using a product for non-labeled pests provided that the site is on the label, meaning areas such as specific to kitchens, etc. Some state laws are more stringent.

Premise® was the first non-repellent termiticide to be introduced into US markets. This was a revolutionary breakthrough in termite control in that the previous termiticides were repellent, meaning that termites contacting sublethal doses would be repelled by the termite. In theory, the idea was to apply a protective envelope around a structure and termites entering would be controlled or repelled in areas with lower amounts of the product. Premise® does just the opposite of the repellents. The termites do not sense any contact with the product and thus will tunnel through the material. When they contact or groom other termites, the mode of action of the product controls the termite.

Originally there was a concern that the termites would infest the structure before the product works. While it is delayed reaction so that the termite can spread the control agent, the termites are controlled after exposure fast enough so that there is no concern about the fact that the termiticide is non-repellent.

Premise® is available in several forms. There is a liquid concentrate which the professional mixes in the termite rig tank. There are also water soluble packets which are tossed directly into the supply tank. Granules for quick local knockdown are also available. Finally, there is a foam aerosol which allows full treatment of hard to reach voids such as termite galleries, etc.

Premise® is one of the most popular termiticides on the market.