Termidor® is the trade name for certain termite control products distributed by BASF. The active ingredient for termite control for all of the Termidor® products is fipronil. Termidor® is the flagship product for the BASF liquid termite control market. Fipronil is a successful control active ingredient and has been shown by the US Forest Service to have long term control effects in the soil.

Termidor® is one of the professional pest management industry’s most successful products and one that virtually all termite control companies hold in high regard when considering liquid soil treatments.

Termidor® has no perceivable odor and goes into the water carrier easily. It is somewhat cold tolerant and is not affected by water quality fluctuations. As it is such a successful molecule, it can be used at 0.06% to 0.125% concentration. Traditional liquid products of days past were typically 1% concentration. Termidor® carries a ten year warranty for whole house treatments provided the pest control company registers the job with the manufacturer.