HomeTeam Pest Defense

Home Team Pest Defense is a full service pest management company with approximately fifty branch locations throughout the country. Founded in 1996 as a division of Centex, the builders, Home Team focused originally on new construction preventative termite treatment or pretreats. With branches in Florida, metro Washington, DC, California, Texas, and Arizona, and expanding, Home Team offers a novel approach to general pest control.

The Home Team Taexx system is installed as tubes in walls of new homes. Taexx, the original Tubes in the Wall® system, is an innovative approach to pest management. When pest control services are performed, material may be added into the tubes to treat hidden areas so that there is access to spaces which traditionally have been sealed from easy access such as wall voids, etc. This allows treating infested or potentially infested areas with minimal disruption of the structure or inhabitants.

Home Team’s traditional pest control program includes a six stage program:

1. Inspecting the structure on the exterior to find potential pest issues

2. Eliminating spider webs and insect nests within reasonable reach

3. Treating using the Taexx wall pest control system where it is installed or utilizing traditional proven pest control techniques

4. Inspecting and treating doors and windows to reduce infiltration chances

5. Applying pest control treatment materials around the perimeter of the structure to treat current infestations as well as to prevent future infestations

6. Communicating with the customer as to what was done during the service and what the customer can do to reduce chances of future infestations

Home Team is a division of Rollins, Inc., a service corporation which owns several predominant pest control companies, based in Atlanta, Georgia.