JC Ehrlich

Julius C. Ehrlich started a pest control service company in 1928, being born of necessity. J.C. Ehrlich sold chemicals including insecticides and a department store customer had no employee capable to applying the products to control pests. J.C. Ehrlich volunteered to apply the product for a fee and a large regional company was started. Today, the department store is still a customer.

Operated as an independent company until 2006, when the family sold the business to Rentokil, a global pest control company based in the United Kingdom. As part of Rentokil, but retaining the name J. C. Ehrlich, the company services accounts, both residential and commercial in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, and Ohio as well as Georgia and South Carolina, former Rentokil territories. J.C. Ehrlich, in addition to the traditional commercial and pest control services offers specialties such as bat management, vegetation management, and bioremediation in commercial areas where there is a need for targeted sanitation.

One important pest that has reached the J. C. Ehrlich operating area is bed bugs. J. C. Ehrlich reports that they use conventional treatment methods using insecticides, heat, and also they use dogs to help detect bed bugs.

On the commercial side, J. C. Ehrlich’s first account was a department store and they remain strong in commercial services today. They service food manufacturers, restaurants, apartments, universities, and other commercial accounts.
After the acquisition by Rentokil, the majority of key personnel remained in management posts. The former president of J. C. Ehrlich has a key leadership role in the Rentokil US operations unit. Technical professionals from J.C. Ehrlich remain in place as does the strong training program that was an important part of J. C. Ehrlich.
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