Orkin Pest Control is one of the nation’s oldest professional pest control companies. Founded in 1901 by Otto Orkin, the company today, has sales in excess of $1 billion.

Orkin Pest Control is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and includes sister brands Industrial Fumigant, Waltham Chemical, Crane Pest Control, Home Team Pest Defense, and Western Pest Services.

Known for its world renowned education of service specialist who service homes, schools, offices, food establishments, hospitals, stores, apartments, universities, and even agricultural areas, Orkin has a fully equipped Learning Center with a professional staff to educate all personnel involved in service. With satellite capabilities to reach all branches, the Learning Center is one unique asset of Orkin.

Orkin has long subscribed to the A.I.M. program. This means to assess the situation, implement a control program which is suited to each individual account needs, and to monitor the effectiveness of the program. Partnership with customers is vital.

The www.orkin.com website has a series of pest libraries as well as an opportunity to “”Ask the Orkin Man”” questions about pests and pest management techniques. It also has contact information if a potential customer would want to talk to an expert.

Orkin does offer a guarantee for regular pest control. According to the website, if pests should recur before the next scheduled service, then a service will be done to manage those pests at no extra charge.

Orkin will typically address ants, spiders, roaches, rodents, stored product pests, occasional invaders which are not prone to live inside, mosquitoes, other flying pests, wildlife, birds, and other specialized pests.

www.orkin.com also has a focus on education rather than just discussing company services. Besides Ask the Orkin Man, Pest Library, and discussion about AIM, www.orkin.com discusses local pest threats where a user can type in their zip code and find the pests which might be threats at the time.