Terminix International, Inc., is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and is one of the largest pest control companies in the country. Originally franchised as Bruce-Terminix, as one early stage was to protect flooring, Terminix today has franchises as well as company owned branches.

Terminix is a division of ServiceMaster, based in Illinois. ServiceMaster includes brands TruGreen (lawn, shrub, and landscaping care), TruGreen Land Care (commercial landscaping installation and management), American Home Shield (system and appliance protection plans), ServiceMaster Residential/Commercial Services (carpet cleaning, disaster restoration, and janitorial services), Merry Maids (residential cleaning service), AmeriSpec (home inspections), and Furniture Medic (furniture repair).

Terminix, as the pest control arm of ServiceMaster, provides control services for termite (both subterranean and drywood), general pests, rodents, and other pests which are encountered in the urban environment. Terminix focuses on education as they have a Learning Center section of their website at www.terminix.com. On the site, they provide multiple maps which show termite swarms as a time elapsed map as well as what pests are prevalent at the time based upon zip code.

Historically, the website notes that Frank Lyons developed a termite control product in 1932 which as the real start of Terminix. Soon after, franchises were sold to control termites, something that was mostly done due by oversizing lumber in the past. In the mid 1950s, Terminix began putting houses under contract, meaning that if they became reinfested, they would retreat at no extra cost. Prior to 1958, Terminix did not offer any service other than termite control. Today, Terminix has a wide variety of services for most types of pests. Franchises are independently operated businesses and are spread throughout the country. Terminix has historically acquired small to mid sized businesses, including Waste Management, Antimite, and others.