Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen is a regional pest control company based in Orlando, Florida. Truly Nolen has branches in eighty locations in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico. It has franchises in other states and is expanding. There are approximately thirty international franchises.

Truly David Nolen, soon after graduating as a scientist from college, teamed with his father, Truly Wheatfield Nolen, to expand capabilities and territory. Truly, a renowned businessman offered a modern perspective on pest control. Truly Nolen vehicles were noticed by anyone who saw them, with their typical mouse ears and a face on a yellow vehicle. Earlier versions of Truly Nolen vehicles were not yellow but red; however, today the hallmark yellow vehicle and mouse ears and painted mouse whiskers and face.

Scott Nolen, Truly David’s son, joined the business with yet more fresh ideas and with a bent towards research and technical strengths, Scott today serves as president of the operation with a focus on education, franchising, and service, employing over 1,000 employees or “”partners”” as they are called internally at Truly Nolen.

Truly Nolen currently has a state of the art training facility in Orlando, Florida, where partners and franchisees are educated on the world of pest management as well as the importance of business viewpoints from sales to marketing.

Truly Nolen is also very involved with media events having served as the pest control partner for professional sports teams and also major civic events. Their yellow vehicles make their company presence unique and memorable and are a great marketing tool.

Truly Nolen allows online service ordering as well as online estimates for pest control services.