Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services, based in Parsippany, New Jersey is a full service pest control company which has operated in the northeast since 1928. Western is fully owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1928, J. Edwin Sameth, then twenty years old, decided to open a pest control business with support of his father and sister. Many people wonder how the name “”Western”” was applicable for an eastern US company. It was literally a draw of the hat which named the company. Over the years, Western expanded beyond its strong area of New Jersey to other states surrounding and later added in Georgia and Florida. Today, Western Pest Services operates south to Virginia as well as Florida.

As demand for supplies grew, Western Pest Services added in a supply center and ultimately became a parent company of a distribution firm, Residex. Residex operated as a subsidiary of Western until Residex was sold to investors after Western was acquired by Rollins, Inc.

Western has a long history of success. J. Edwin Sameth’s sons, Bob and Dick were phased into the business and operated it successfully until 2005. Both J.Edwin and Dick are past presidents of the industry trade association, the National Pest Management Association. One key area for Western was commodity fumigation. Western has worked on creative fumigation techniques for commodities such as cocoa beans and coffee for years. They have become known as some of the best fumigators in the industry. With strong bases at the Port of Newark, the Port of Philadelphia, and the Port of Norfolk, Western still is well known and respected for their fumigation abilities.

Western also offers residential service for customers in need of pest control for roaches, ants, rodents, termites, and wildlife. Western also offers insulation services as well as a variety of other services.