Alpine Ant and Termite Foam

Foaming technology has been popular for years; however, foaming technology in portable cans for pest management is relatively new. Alpine® Ant and Termite Foam provides a residual application of foam using novel active ingredient dinotefuran, at 0.25%. Dinotefuran is considered more “green” than older active ingredients.

Alpine® Ant and Termite Foam produces a dry foam of 30:1 which carries the active ingredient without causing excessive moisture in the treated areas. Since dinotefuran is a nonrepellent active ingredient, penetration of the infested voids and areas will not repel active infestations of termites. Alpine® Ant and Termite Foam is also designed to use in conjunction with fipronil, the active ingredient in Termidor® which is the most common termiticide used today.

As with other foam products, Alpine® Ant and Termite Foam is ideal for penetrating areas which are difficult to reach using regular liquids. The foam not only will enter areas that liquids won’t penetrate, but it remains in place for a time, depositing the active ingredient on all surfaces of the treated areas.

Alpine® Ant and Termite Foam can also be used to treat ants including wood destroying carpenter ants. In addition, the foam can be used for other pests which frequent or create voids. This product can be used in brick and wood veneer, in termite galleries, and other voids.

Alpine® Ant and Termite Foam does not take the place of a full treatment for extensive infestation, but is a good localized treatment in order to reduce the live population either before or after a full termite control program and works well with a full liquid treatment. Technicians like the self contained aspects of this product in that no mixing is required nor is there any clean up and equipment storage.