CB Air Devil Aerosol HPX

CB Air Devil ™ HPX is a liquid aerosol originally made by Waterbury Companies, which is currently marketed by FMC Professional Solutions. The active ingredient in Air Devil ™ HPX is cypermethrin, synthetic pyrethroid class of active ingredient. Liquid aerosols are prepackaged liquids in pressurized cans similar to spray paint technology. The product is shaken and applied. When the container is empty, it is disposed of in trash according to the label instructions.

Air Devil ™ HPX has a broad label for many household and commercial pests. For wood destroying insects, it can be used for carpenter ant treatments directly to galleries as well as localized termite treatments.

Proper use of the product is mandated by the USEPA label which describes any safety considerations such as covering food surfaces, personal protection equipment, and proper disposal of spent cans of the product.

Air Devil ™ HPX has a special solvent that is fast drying and very volatile so that the product is applied to an area and dries in a short amount of time, making the area more habitable by the termites so that they come in contact with the product. This also provides for a quick knock down or reduction in populations in a short time. Then the residual attribute will keep the population under control if they are in contact with the treated area. The solvent system also allows the product to penetrate far reaches of the voids and galleries of the termites.

This product is a good tool when used in tandem with a liquid, wood, or bait treatment for termites. As a standalone, it will not control full structural infestations but was designed to treat voids where termites exist yet are not easily treated by other methods.