CB D Foam

CB D-Foam ™ is a foam product in a pressured can in order to take advantage of the foam technologies and that of aerosols. The active ingredient in CB D-Foam ™ is deltamethrin, a proven insecticide.

Foaming technology is relative new in the pest management industry, with only about a fifteen year history where it has been widely accepted. Traditional liquid products can only treat voids where the liquid is injected; however, foaming products allow the liquid to go against gravity and treat upper surfaces of voids.

The CB D-Foam ™ was created by Waterbury Companies and is marketed by FMC Professional Solutions, Philadelphia, PA. With the deltamethrin active ingredient, the product is effective against a wide variety of pests including termites.

The product is applied to voids such as termite galleries and other spaces that termites infest or damage. The product will cling to all accessible areas where applied to the point where the foam dries and leaves the residual areas treated with deltamethrin. Application may be made to voids such as brick and wood veneers, concrete blocks, rubble foundations, areas under stoops, and even into the soil where voids occur such as areas of the foundation which have penetrated the perimeter such as an overpour of concrete.

The advantage of this type of product is that the application can be targeted to active infestation areas of a structure and may be used in conjunction with traditional liquid treatments, wood treatments, or even baiting systems. The product can be used indoors or outdoors. The product label specifies how to use the product and how much product to apply for an effective treatment.

When used according to the label, CB D-Foam ™ is a valuable supplement or spot treatment for termite control.