CB Invader HPX

CB Invader™HPX is a pressurized aerosol manufactured by Waterbury Companies. This product is an effective tool for localized termite infestations. The active ingredient in this product is propoxur, an effective insect control product in the class of products called carbamates. Carbamates have been used in pest control products for decades and have a great track record. Propoxur is effective against a variety of pests and recently has been subject of a request to the US EPA for control against bed bugs.

CB Invader™HPX is used as a crack and crevice treatment, meaning that its use is generally limited to small areas such as termite galleries and damaged wood which may be infested by termites. Drilling into the damaged wood and then applying the product is the typical method of treating termite galleries. This type of treatment will control workers, soldiers, and even winged reproductives. CB Invader™HPX has information on the EPA label as to specific requirements for treatment. A thorough inspection is required before any treatment so that the areas of infestation and damage can be determined. The label also makes it very clear that the crack and crevice treatment is not a replacement for mechanical alterations which can help control termites such as eliminating earth/wood contact, repairing water leaks, etc.

The label requires a thorough treatment using specific amounts of product. For example, the label calls for a five to ten second treatment for galleries of termites. This amount may not be exceeded.

As part of the toolbox of products and technologies available for use by the professional, this product is suited for a crack and crevice treatment.