Crack & Crevice II Propoxur (CB Invader generic)

Crack and Crevice® II Prescription Treatment is an aerosol containing 1% propoxur and is produced by BASF, St. Louis, MO. As an application for termites, the active ingredient, propoxur, controls termites in a localized setting. That is, the product is not designed for a full house treatment but rather as a treatment option to control termites in wood in areas such as door and window frames. This product is available in aerosol cans which are pressurized to allow directed treatment of small areas with minimal chance of a spill. This product can be applied to voids where termites might be found and will control worker termites as well as reproductive termites which might be in the infested areas. Typical voids are galleries in wood, areas between walls, areas between rubble in rubble types of basements, and brick and wood veneers. The item comes with an actuator and injection tips.

Product is applied at the targeted area in bursts of five to ten seconds of application in order to penetrate all areas of the void. If the void is too large to cover in this time, a series of applications may be made by moving the application tip to areas which have not been treated. Crack and Crevice® II is not a substitute for whole house treatment or even installation of bait systems and must be used only as a supplement for a quick knockdown when required. This product is designed for targeted treatments so long term protection of the whole house is not a reasonable expectation. Disposal of empty containers can be through recycling or in household trash as explained on the label.