FastOut CS Foam

FastOut™ CS Foam is an aerosol foam product containing an active ingredient effective against termites. The product is made by BASF, St. Louis, MO, and contains 0.1% cyfluthrin as the active ingredient for the control of termites.
While FastOut™ CS Foam can be used for multiple pests, it is especially suited for termite control. Foaming is effective for reaching voids that termites frequent without having to open up the wood or other infested area.
The label requires that the structure is thoroughly inspected using visual techniques including the optional use of canines to determine termite activity. Voids may be treated but also mud tubes may be treated by breaking open the termite tube and injecting the foam in to the tube itself for penetration of two inches in each direction. Then manufacturer also suggests using a moisture meter to determine the moisture when the technician cannot visually observe the spread of the foam in enclosed areas.
When galleries are treated by drilling into the wood, it is not necessary to have each hole treated to the point of runoff since there will be adequate treatment for termite control. This product can be used for subterranean termites as well as drywood termites, which do not need excessive moisture nor do they go to the soil.
FastOut™ CS Foam is not designed to be used as a standalone product for termite control. The manufacturer suggests that FastOut™ CS Foam is a supplemental treatment for a full treatment. The advantage of a foam such as this is that the material can penetrate and move beyond where liquids could go as well as the ease of use and lack of equipment maintenance. When the product container is empty, label instructions must be followed and as for most aerosols, it can be ultimately disposed of in refuse.