Phantom Pressurized Spray

Phantom ® Pressurized Insecticide is a product used for subterranean termite control manufactured by BASF, St. Louis, MO. Phantom is a widely used liquid termiticide, but the Phantom ® Pressurized Insecticide allows treatment in localized areas. While most aerosols are thought of as pressurized liquids which distribute particulates of liquids, Phantom ® Pressurized Insecticide is a pressurized liquid which crystallizes and dries very quickly. This is a distinct advantage when treating areas which should not be put in contact with liquids long term such as electrical boxes.
Phantom ® Pressurized Insecticide is available in cans, each having 17.5 fluid ounces. The active ingredient is chlorfenapyr, a newer chemistry class of active ingredient and commonly used as a non-repellent termiticide, meaning that termites will exist in treated areas without reacting or knowing that they are in a treated area. Chlorfenapyr has been thoroughly researched for efficacy by the US Forest Service and has been shown to be effective.
The broad label of Phantom ® Pressurized Insecticide allows use in commercial as well as residential settings. For termites, the product can be applied to areas around windows, doors, etc. The label allows treatment of galleries or infested areas. It cannot be used to treat soil directly.
Since the product is applied wet and dries very quickly, there is no real noted physical change which might cause the termites to be alarmed. Since the product is used in infested wood, the product can also be used for drywood termites. Technicians who use this product prefer the use of aerosols such as this for small areas as it allows them to apply product without having to mix onsite and without having to maintain equipment with moving parts.