ProFoam Concentrate

ProFoam® Platinum is a liquid foaming agent which is used when a professional pest control company wishes to generate quantities of foam which are larger than that available in a ready–to–use can. Foaming technology has evolved over the years. For termite control, it is often necessary to treat voids such as under stoops where the soil has settled. Traditional liquids only cover the soil yet termites can be infesting the underside of the stoops, using the area as a gateway to the wood in the structure. Foaming allows the professional to get the product onto the underside of horizontal surfaces such as the underside of stoops.
In the case of larger voids, sometimes a wetter foam is desired, up to 20:1, compared to a 30:1 ratio which is available in cans. ProFoam® Platinum was formulated specifically for use with NPD equipment but it can be used with other brands of foamers. The process of using foaming equipment can be tank mixed in a foamer unit with the termite control active ingredient added. The unit creates a foam which can be used as a termiticide in the larger voids. In this case, hoses and injection tools are used to apply the final product.
ProFoam® Platinum can be used at the rate of ½ to 1½ ounces per gallon of water to make a 1:1 to 7:1 foam ration or 1 ½ to 9 ounces per gallon to make an expansion of 8:1 to 20:1 foam ratio.
It is vital to follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions for product and equipment use in order to achieve the best results. Note that ProFoam® Platinum is a foaming agent only and does not control termites unless mixed with a control product.