Centrobulb Duster

A Centrobulb is a trade name of a hand tool that is used to distribute dusts or granules for insect control. The Centrobulb is a simple unit that is composed of a rubber bulb which fits in the hand. The bulb has a top collar and conical lid of cast metal with a brass nozzle going through the top for pinpoint accuracy. Under the lid, there is a metal screen to prevent large particles from getting into the tube and clogging the unit.

The concept is to add dust or granules into the rubber bulb after removing the lid. If it is a dust, the lid with wand or nozzle is placed back onto the bulb. It is imperative to keep a head space of air so that there is freedom for the dust to move within the bulb. The bulb is then shaken and squeezed to apply puffs of dust in cracks and crevices or even wider spaces. Generally, if the Centrobulb is used with the nozzle pointing downward, excessive dust will go into the cap and clumps of dust will be applied when the bulb is squeezed which is excessive use of product and will not be as effective as a light coating of dust.

There are special caps and nozzles for specific uses. For example, if the duster is being used to apply granules in a closed space the nozzle is generally removed. There is a special cap which can be used for this purpose so that the aperture is larger and the granules can be distributed evenly. For granule application, the bulb position is not as important.

Centrobulbs need very little maintenance. Periodically, it is important to remove the cap and clean the screen and inside the cap. It is also important to examine the rubber bulb itself for cracks which are very common in rubber products. Cracks can lead to small holes into the interior which lead to air leaks and product spillage. Since the Centrobulb is green, it is easy to inspect for cracks.

The Centrobulb is an ideal product for applying dusts and granules.