Tim-bor Termiticide

Tim-bor® Professional is a Nisus Corporation product which contains borates, specifically, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT). Tim-bor® Professional can be used to control carpenter ants, drywood termites, wood decay fungi, and wood boring beetles. It will also control some subterranean termites which are active in wood. This product does crystallize as a dust leaving surface residues which can control most pests which come in contact with it. As a water soluble powder, it can be used as a dust or mixed with water.

It can also be used as a liquid foam with the introduction of a foaming agent using foaming equipment.

Tim-bor® Professional is odorless and will not stain wood or other materials. It is non-corrosive so it will not affect nails, screws, supports, or lag bolts. It will not affect galvanized metal components.

This product is not labeled as a stand alone product for subterranean termites as other methods should be used to supplement the localized treatment of Tim-bor® Professional. It can be used for drywood termites, though, as a substitute for fumigation. Due to its soluble nature, Tim-bor® Professional is best used when wood has a higher moisture content thus allowing the DOT to penetrate areas where there is moisture in the wood. This product can be used for interior or exterior use.

DOT does have a low mammalian toxicity but it can affect plantings especially on the exterior. DOT does have phytotoxicity to plants. The product comes in packets of 1.5 pounds, 25 pound pails, 250 drums, and 1500 pound sacks.

Tim-bor was one of the first products to open the door to treating wood as opposed to using other traditional methods. While other products allowed treating of wood as part of other treatment strategies, this product focuses exclusively on wood treatment.