Advance Metal Spider Tool

Tamper resistance is very important when using any pest control tool. Manufacturers of any pest management device then, spend great effort to make sure that any equipment is resistant to access by unauthorized people. Also, any device must be inaccessible to non-target animals such as pets. While bait stations commonly do not have materials in the unit which control termites until termites are found, the station must be tamper resistant.

In order to have bait stations which can be replenished as well as accessible to add control matrix, the station must be easily opened. When not being replenished, though, the unit must be secure.

The lid of the Advance Termite Baiting Station is designed so that it locks in place. It can only be opened using the Advance Metal Spider Tool. The tool is designed specifically for the Advance system and only works with that station. It is a portable hand tool and is made of metal so that it will not break in cold or hot temperatures. The metal handle allows torque without damaging the station. Previous plastic versions are no longer used as there was a cold tolerance concern. Also, the metal allows better torque for twisting off the top of the station. Finally, with the metal tool, it is durable for storage and transportation and won’t chip or crack.

The Advance Metal Spider Tool was designed by the technical people at BASF, manufacturer of the Advance Termite Baiting System™. Using this tool, technicians can quickly open and service the stations without the concern that the stations can be opened by people or animals.