Advance Termite Bait Monitor Station (TBS)

The Advance Termite Bait Monitoring Station (TBS) is the unit which houses the food sources and when baiting, the matrix which contains the active ingredient. The Advance Termite Bait Monitoring Station (TBS) is made of durable plastic and is strong enough to be inserted into rocky, sandy, loam, or clay soils.

Generally, a power auger is used which drills into the soil the depth of the station. There is a durable lid on the station. After the hole is drilled, the station is inserted into the soil and the food source and monitoring materials are added. The lid is placed on the station and secured.

The stations are weatherproof and with rare exception, cannot be crushed by mowing or general yard work. As the lid is at grade level, there is minimal chance of the stations being attractive to pets or other animals. Children cannot remove the stations from the soil easily. For the most part, the stations are tamper resistant.

The station bodies are gray in color and the station cap is black. Caps are installed and removed using a special tool designed especially for the Advance Termite Bait Monitoring Station. When installed, the stations can be covered by mulch or soil if preferred and that will not affect efficacy. As a technology, Advance is one of the more advanced baiting systems having the advantage of obtaining feedback from the field prior to final development and release.

The Advance Termite Bait Monitoring System (TBS) is manufactured by BASF, St. Louis, MO. BASF had a many years of distributing only liquid termiticides and upon the acquisition of Whitmire Microgen, BASF then had a baiting system. BASF product account managers typically provide sales support for both products nationwide.