Advance Termite Bait System Pro Kit

The Advance Termite Bait System Pro Kit is the BASF brand of subterranean control baiting system. The Kit contains all products needed to install and maintain the baiting system. Similar to other baiting systems, the Advance system is installed around the foundation of buildings and is monitored periodically. The Advance system is different from others in that there are multiple food sources. There is a solid material which is palatable to termites as well as a cellulose matrix.

As with any bait station, a thorough inspection prior to installation, assessing condition of the structure and whether there are any signs of infestation should be conducted. Using a power auger, holes are drilled into the soil and spaced as required by the label. A station is installed with the top nearly flush with the soil surface. Advance Termite Monitoring Base is added to the station followed by Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge and its proprietary product, Puri–Cell ™ tablets. If there is active infestation in the structure, the units are monitored between forty–five and ninety days after installation. For structures that do not have active infestations, the first monitoring can be done at ninety days after installation.

If there are signs of infestation in the stations as determined during the inspections, then a matrix is added which contains the active ingredient, diflubenzuron. The trade name of the matrix capsule containing the active ingredient is called Advance Termite Bait Cartridge with Puri–Cell Bait Tablets. The termites then feed on the tablets which contain the active ingredient and, through grooming and feeding other termites; the active ingredient is spread and reduces or, in some cases, eliminates the population. After the control has been achieved, the inert cartridge is then placed in the stations.

Ongoing monitoring is required for any effective baiting system as the intent is to watch the situation and perform control measures as appropriate.