Firstline Termite Kit

There are components of a termite baiting program which have to be collected in order to provide good baiting results. These include stations, wood matrix, a bait matrix for control, and in some cases tools.

The FirstLine Termite Kit is a retail collection of monitoring devices as well as FirstLine ™ GT Plus Termite Baiting System. Only the control media is in the GT Plus stations where the monitoring devices are wood only.

The kit, available online, contains six FirstLine ™ GT Plus Termite Baiting System stations and twenty four monitoring stations. The kit provides enough material to monitor about 240 linear feet of space. The stations are placed in the ground just outside of the foundation so the kit is adequate to monitor an average size home.

While the kit can be a useful tool, pest management industry professionals sometimes question the ability of untrained people to use this kit properly and effectively. Regardless of training the USEPA label must be adhered to with regards to use of this product and do it yourselfers need to be aware of possible consequences if the material is used or disposed of improperly.

The kit is available through multiple online outlets. Numbers of stations and pricing can vary. FirstLine is a popular product in that it is available to homeowners as well as professionals where permitted by state regulations. FirstLine was the second termite bait released which is still in current use.

FirstLine is popular during construction where customers or builders prefer not to have a liquid treatment done at that time. It is also popular in situations where the builder neglected to order termite prevention and it is ultimately required by the architect, HUD, or the lender.