HexPro Termite Station Monitors

The HexPro ™ Termite Station Monitors is a termite baiting system produced and distributed by DowAgrosciences, Indianapolis, IN. The concept is very similar to the Sentricon ™ System by DowAgrosciences.

Using HexPro ™ Termite Station Monitors, the pest control company drills holes at set spacing around a foundation of a home. This is on the exterior only. The station is then installed into the hole so that the lid or top of the station is flush with the ground. There is typically no control agent in the station until termites attack the food attractant in the station.

When termites are found in the monitoring phase of the process, the termites are transferred into containers which include a control agent. The termites feed on cellulose containing the control agent and take the food to others in the colony or they groom others thus spreading the control agent. Other termites also feed on the agent so that soon, the colony is controlled. The active ingredient in HexPro is hexaflumuron, the active ingredient in previous versions of Sentricon.

When there is no more activity in the station containing the control agent, cellulose monitors are then put back into the station for monitoring. If there are termites found, the process of replacing with control agent is repeated.

The monitors are gray plastic composite and are very durable as well as pet and child resistant through the design.