Aero-Tech Fogging System

The FirstLine™ GT plus Termite Bait Station is part of the FMC Product line. FMC Professional Solutions, the manufacturer of the system, is based in Philadelphia, PA and makes a wide variety of pest management products.

The FirstLine™ GT plus Termite Bait Station is designed for ease of inspection as well as to direct the termites into the baiting system. The station, as with all termite baiting stations for exterior use, are placed in the soil so that the station is underground with the cap or lid resting on the surface of the soil.

One unique feature about the FirstLine™ GT plus Termite Bait Station is the novel use of the top of the station. Called the SMARTDISC™, the lid has a comparatively large diameter of seven inches. It is also designed to retain moisture so that the termites, while not necessarily attracted to moisture, find the environment hospitable in that they do need moisture for survival. The underside of the SMARTDISC™ is ridged to direct termites to the bait source since they have a tendency to follow lines.

The FirstLine™ GT plus Termite Bait Station, with its SMARTDISC™ designed top is a creative approach to termite control designed with an understanding of termite biology and habits.

When installed, the station contains a food attractant and a matrix which contains the control agent, sulfluramid. The stations are spaced around the structure and since the control agent is in place, any termites coming in contact will carry the material to other termites through feeding and grooming. Consumed materials are replenished on a periodic basis.