Chapin Poly Foamer

The Chapin Poly Foamer is a pump up sprayer and foamer manufactured by Chapin Equipment. The unit is made of a poly plastic material and can be used for janitorial, sanitation, or pest control.

Using a foaming material, the Chapin Poly Foamer can create foam for localized foaming of voids for termite control or other pest control using an active ingredient where the site is permitted on the label.

The Chapin Poly Foamer is versatile in that cleaning foam can be used or pesticidal foam can be used. For the pest control use, foam is an excellent tool for reaching upper sections of wall voids, under small stoops, or other hard to reach areas which may require foam to ensure complete coverage.

The Poly Foamer is durable and comes with a long hose/trigger which allows access to upper areas of a room while the Poly Foamer remains on the floor. Since the Poly Foamer is a manual pressure unit using a hand pump, the danger of over pressurizing is reduced as the unit has a built in pressure relief valve.

For use in termite infested wall voids, as an example, introduction of a liquid usually results in the liquid covering the lower portions or the sole plate only. Use of a foam allows the active ingredient to be pumped up and reaching higher areas as well as underneath fire stops and other wood components in the void.

For larger applications, continuous foam units are available but for small areas of hard to reach applications, the Chapin Poly Foamer can be used with little effort and minimal labor.