Trebor Concrete Plugs

When liquid termite control is the choice of the homeowner, it is common that some concrete slabs must be penetrated so that the liquid can reach the soil and ultimately to the subterranean termites. Trebor Concrete Plugs are a brand of product which is important for a successful termite job.
Usually a hammer drill is used which is a heavy duty drill with a bit usually ½”” in diameter. A hammer drill pushes or hammers the drill bit while the bit turns. It is used for hard surfaces like concrete. After the slab is drilled, usually a foot apart so that the product can be efficiently distributed into the soil, the product is applied. The holes where the product was applied are then still open. These are unsightly if they are on a driveway adjacent to a structure or if they are in a basement floor. Also, if the holes are inside and the carpet had been pulled back to expose the concrete, it is important to replace the carpet; however, it is important that the holes are sealed so that liquids don’t come into the space. Also, product labels and some state regulations require that the holes are sealed so that any termite control product doesn’t vaporize or otherwise move into the living space. Trebor Concrete Plugs are used commonly.
Since many states require non-cellulose plugs so that termites can’t eat the plugs or liquids cannot rot the plugs, Trebor Concrete Plugs can be placed in the holes. These are the same diameter as the hole and are pushed in so that hole is sealed. These plugs are made of plastic and comply with regulations. Sometimes, cement will be added to the space on top of the plug so that it blends readily with the floor.
Trebor Concrete Plugs are typically found on any vehicle which is used to supply liquid subterranean termite work.