Nasutitermitinae is the scientific name of a group of termites. They are a sub-family of termites in the family Termitidae. This is a very large group of termites. It contains more than 560 different species.  They live in warm, tropical areas in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Nasutitermitinae get their name from the shape of the heads of the soldiers. The soldiers have a snout-like projection on the front of their head. Their name comes from nasus, the Latin word for nose or snout.

In many of the Nasutitermitinae, the soldiers are smaller than the workers. However, some of the Nasutitermitinae have soldiers of two different sizes. Scientists use the word dimorphic to describe these soldiers.

The soldiers of the Nasutitermitinae do not have large jaws as other termites have. Instead, they use a kind of chemical warfare to protect the colony against ants and other invaders.

The soldiers of the Nasutitermitinae spray a substance from a gland in their head. Some species use a sticky substance. Others use a substance that is repellant. This way, the soldiers can defend against ant attacks at a safe distance.

Most termites are soft-bodied, white insects. However, some of the Nasutitermitinae are dark-colored insects. This allows them to forage for food in the open. Some of them even forage during the daytime.

Unlike the destructive termites that eat houses, many species of Nasutitermitinae eat twigs, sticks, and dead leaves that they find on the forest floor.

Some Nasutitermitinae live in underground nests, but many species live in trees. Some species even share their nest with bats, ant colonies, and other insects.

In the Southern and Western parts of the United States, there is a very different type of termite called the Drywood termite. These pests also live above the ground, but they are not members of the Nasutitermitinae.

Winged drywood termites enter cracks in wood on the outside of homes. They make nests inside the cracks and stat colonies. As the colony grows, the drywood termites damage the wood where they are nesting.

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