Termites & Cardboard

Termites get their nourishment from cellulose. The usual source of cellulose for termites is wood. In nature termites recycle fallen trees and decaying stumps. Termites also eat things that are made from wood. When they invade homes, termites often attack items that are made from cardboard and paper. They can often eat these cardboard items without being noticed.

When termites invade a home, there are many items made of cardboard for them to eat. If the termites enter through the crawlspace, they often find concrete piers that are still wrapped in cardboard. In addition, termites often find cardboard boxes stored in the crawl space.

If termites are able to invade the home, they often enter by following pipes from the ground. The termites are able to hide inside the wall where the pipes enter the home. They can find nourishment by eating the cardboard that covers the sheetrock. Many times the termites can damage an entire wall without being noticed.

Termites cause considerable damage to items that are stored in closets and cabinets. Cardboards boxes that are stacked in corners may be undisturbed for a long time. Termites can invade these boxes and destroy them completely. If the boxes contain books or papers, the termites often destroy these things as well before the homeowners notice.

Homeowners can protect their home from termites. Items made of wood or cardboard should be stored off of the ground. Wood scraps should be removed from the yard and the crawlspace. Wood mulch should be raked away from the foundation. Soil in flowerbeds should be raked so it is lower than the level of the home’s slab.

Experts recommend an annual termite inspection. Many termite control professionals offer this service. These experts have the tools to conduct a thorough inspection. They can recognize the signs of termite activity.

The termite control professionals can point out any maintenance or structural issues that should be corrected or repaired. These pointers can often help prevent termites from attacking the home. If termites have invaded, the professionals can recommend the treatment that will be most effective.