Average Termite Treatment Costs

Every year termites attack thousands of homes. And every year, homeowners spend millions of dollars to treat termites and repair the damage that they cause.

At first glance, it might seem like a bargain to buy the lowest–priced termite treatment. However, all termite treatments may not be the same. Experts suggest that buying the lowest–priced treatment can sometimes be false economy.

Modern termiticides can protect homes against termites for several years. There are only a few termiticides on the market, so termiticide costs should not be wildly different from one treatment to another.

However, things like training, treating equipment, and the guarantee can be very different from one treatment to another. These factors can certainly change the price of the treatment. Experts suggest that these are the things to consider when buying a termite treatment.

In most states, termite control professionals are required to be licensed. A technician can be trained quickly to meet the minimum standards. Some termite companies invest additional money to train their technicians beyond the minimum. Most homeowners feel that the extra training is very important when their home is being treated.

Conventional termite treatments are done with liquid termiticide. Most of these applications are done with a tank, a pump, and a long hose. However, many homes have areas where the liquid termiticide will not flow.

Some termite control companies treat with foam machines. These machines convert the liquid termiticide to foam. In some cases, this might increase the price of the treatment. However, the foam makes the termiticide spread into hard–to–reach places. This can improve the termiticide treatment area and helps stop termites more effectively.

Some termite treatments include follow–up inspections, but not all of them do. Some companies guarantee to provide additional treatments if the termites come back. Some companies provide a guarantee that can be renewed for several years after the initial treatment. These features provide additional peace–of–mind, but they may cost a little more at the time of the initial treatment.

Experts suggest homeowners should get a written estimate for a termite treatment. The estimate should spell out exactly what the treatment will include. There should also be a clear explanation of the guarantee – what it covers, how long it lasts, and whether it can be renewed. The written estimate should also spell out whether follow–up inspections or treatments are included.