Termite Protection

Every year termites attack thousands of homes. Homeowners spend millions of dollars treating termites and repairing the damage hat they cause. Many homeowners would prefer to prevent termite attacks rather than to repair their damage.

Subterranean termites are the most common termites in the country. They can be found in every state except Alaska. These pests live in the soil. They move up from the soil to find food. Termites often attack homes, especially if there are no stumps or fallen trees available.

Homes can be protected against subterranean termites in several ways. There are several types of physical barriers that can prevent termites from getting into a home. If the home has not been built, metal screen or mesh can be placed on the soil before construction starts.

If the home is being built on a concrete slab, the builder sometimes puts plastic collars on all of the pipes. The collars block termites from entering the home through the pipe openings in the concrete.

Scientists have found that some types of sand can block termites. The termites cannot move the sand particles, so they cannot tunnel through the sand. In tests, scientists have found that where sand barriers were installed, they have protected homes for several years.

Liquid termiticide is the most common form of termite protection. The termiticide is applied in the soil around the foundation. It is also applied around piers and pipes underneath the house. Special equipment is often used to convert liquid termiticide to foam. The foam termiticide is used to treat inaccessible areas under slabs.

Many homes are protected against termites with termite bait. The system uses monitoring stations around the home. When termites are found in a monitoring station, a bait device is added to the station. The bait contains an active ingredient that is toxic to the termites.

The termites that eat the bait share it with their nest mates before they perish. Some tests have shown that bait can eliminate an entire termite colony. By killing the termites before they get to the home, the bait system protects the home against damage.

Experts encourage homeowners to have their home inspected for termites regularly. Termite control professionals offer this service in most areas. They can point out maintenance or structural conditions around the home that should be changed. They can also point out termite entryways that can be sealed.

These experts can recognize the signs of termite activity. If treatment is appropriate, they can recommend the treatment that will provide the most protection.