What to Expect with Fumigations

State laws regulate the activities of structural fumigations. Since fumigations use a gas material to permeate into hidden areas of a structure where termites might be present, fumigators must be extremely careful. As a result, states regulate fumigations by ensuring licensing, insurance, security on the site, proper training of technicians, and proper procedures to maximize the effect of fumigations.

State regulatory agencies commonly inspect job sites to make sure that proper preparations have been made. If the structure is tented, the site must have full time security while gas is in the structure. Readings are taken to make sure that the concentration is adequate to control termites. After a specific residence time, the structure is aerated and readings are taken inside the structure to make sure that there is no danger.

The professional pest control company will review what needs to be done prior to fumigation. The company will explain that certain items must be removed or properly stored. They will advise what is necessary for pets. Finally, they will explain the process and what is done after the fumigation to prepare your return and what you must do to resume your activities in the structure.